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"for the sake of..."

When starting the new year, many of us have resolutions. Perhaps it is to learn something new (a skill? a coding language? cooking?). Perhaps it is some personal change (to be less hot-tempered; to be more present). Perhaps it is to spend more time on certain aspects of our life that we feel were neglected in the previous year (more time to exercise, more time with your husband/wife).

Over the years, I've found that in order to persevere in my goals through the inevitable challenges, I need to link them to my personal vision - something that resonates with the deepest parts of who I am; something that does not change with the winds.

What is your vision for your life, family, community, humanity, that lies beneath your goals in 2019? Instead of just listing goals, why not try linking them to this vision?

"For the sake of _____ in 2019, I am becoming/pursuing/doing _____"


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