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Launching Coaching for Charity Round 2!

Tl;dr: If you're ready to make meaningful progress towards your goals in 2019, read on about the Coaching for Charity initiative or fill out this short google form (all answers confidential). *Coaching is done over Skype or FaceTime, so your location does not matter.

Thanks for stopping by. I started Coaching for Charity in August 2018, with two objectives.

  • To give more people the experience and benefits of coaching. I got into coaching because I want to serve people, and have been privileged to witness many clients benefit. Unfortunately, coaching is expensive. Companies often sponsor senior leaders, but many others can’t afford it. Offering coaching to individuals at a lower rate is a small way for me to serve more.

  • To raise money for two causes I care deeply about: refugees and orphans. Samaritan’s Purse donations support Rohingya Muslims who have been displaced from Myanmar to Bangladesh. World Orphans donations help orphans stay within families in their community. I raised >$10k in 2018 through coaching and teaching.

Since the first round of Coaching for Charity, I've received great interest and have decided to extend it into 2019! Some snippets from clients:

I left every session with Karen with so much clarity on what I needed to do and how. Every session was transformative and I could not just see it, but also feel it. She made me feel so comfortable in looking deeper and come to my "aha" moments.- Aakriti A, Product Manager

In a few short months, I turned my career around and relocated to an even better team and am at a much better place in my life overall. Without her patience and drive to help others succeed, I doubt that I would have experienced the changes that I did so quickly. - Wesley L, Software Engineer

Karen's coaching can especially benefit people who (like I did) feel stuck and don’t even know what questions they should be asking themselves about a career/life transition.

She used insightful questions and actively adapted to my responses, to let me come to my own conclusions. I found this very effective as it made the plan of action feel like something I had discovered for myself, and therefore something I could realistically and meaningfully follow. - Graham P, Post-Doc

Karen has a keen sensitivity to the needs of others and is able to troubleshoot an issue with precision and tact. - Grace W, School Leader

I gained a new perspective on the issue I was grappling with and could then make an informed decision. - Deborah L, Policy Leader

You can find full client testimonials of my coaching here.

Coaching for Charity: Q&A

1. What is Coaching for Charity?

The idea is simple: Get coached by me, towards a goal that is important to you. Instead of paying me, donate an amount at your discretion, to one of the charities I support: World Orphans or Samaritan’s Purse.

I offer 3 Coaching for Charity places every quarter. We will have an introductory call (30 minutes) and four 1-hour sessions over the course of 3 months (we can adjust this based on your needs). Everything is done over Skype/FaceTime, so your location does not matter.

2. What are examples of issues that we can work on?

Here’s a sample of goals that clients have worked on through coaching:

  • Make a career transition (or decide what direction to take)

  • Master a new leadership role (or position yourself for a leadership role)

  • Improve a personal relationship or a team dynamic which matters to you

  • Find a better balance between work and something else that is important to you (family, interests, etc.)

  • Communicate better with a boss, team member or peer to achieve better work results

3. Will coaching be effective for me?

This is a great question: some clients gain more than others from coaching. How to make the most of it:

  • Understand what coaching is and isn’t. The outcome of a coaching session is not that the coach diagnoses exactly what you should do, or what path you should take. Instead, I will (supportively) question and challenge the way you have been thinking about your options, help you explore and overcome what has been hindering you, and help you find paths that you are excited and committed to take.

  • Only apply if you are ready and committed to change. To make the most of coaching you have to be committed to digging beneath the surface, and making small but significant steps between each coaching session. If you want a breakthrough but it doesn’t feel urgent, don’t sign up yet.

4. Can you coach me if you don’t have experience in my industry?

A coach is not a mentor or teacher who imparts knowledge and experience. Rather, a coach facilitates a process which helps you clarify your goals, understand what is stopping you, and commit to real progress.

Hence, I’ve been able to coach dozens of people from a wide range of professions (school leaders, product managers, policy leaders, software engineers, investors, C-levels in start-ups, post-docs and PhDs), covering a wide age range - 20 to 45 years old.

Nevertheless, it completely depends on your comfort level. The most important thing is that you trust whoever you choose as your coach!

Take Action!

  • Sign up for Coaching for Charity (Jan-Mar 2019) by filling out this short form.

  • If you want to find out more about what coaching is and isn't, I've written an in-depth piece here.

  • Support Coaching for Charity by sharing this article on social media, or with friends who might be interested.

  • Raise awareness for the causes of Samaritan's Purse and World Orphans!



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