Public Engagements 

Autonomous Vehicles and the Impact on Cities

Singularity University Global Summit 

An original presentation on the different types of autonomous vehicles, the technical, business model and policy innovations needed to deploy them at scale, and how profoundly they will impact our cities.

The Future of Smart Cities

Worlds Fair SF

A tag-team I did with Elliot Katz on the future of mobility in cities.

How Technology Can Keep People in Work 

Womens Forum for the Economy and Society (Paris) 

Together with amazing women from Google, Lenovo and ABB, we discussed how technology can help keep people in work - counterbalancing prevailing discussions on how technology displaces people.

Interview from Rising Talents Initiative

From the 2017 Women's Forum, Paris

I spoke about what it means to be a young leader, and my aspirations for inclusive societies.

Asian Women in Leadership

Asia Society Leadership Network 

Great conversation on challenges and opportunities for Asian women leaders, alongside Google, Mothercoders, McKinsey and the New York Times: <>

Future of Intelligent Mobility

Innovfest Unbound, Singapore

Join me as I facilitate a conversation on how autonomous vehicles, big data, IoT and various emerging technologies will transform transportation as we know it.


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